"FOREVER YOUNG" Anti-aging Serum

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    • The most versatile serumWe have created something special using carefully chosen, scientifically backed certified organic ingredients (93%) giving YOU a premium quality formula that works wonders on your skin. Each ingredient has benefits which are unique and when combined we have created a serum like no other!

      See the "Benefits" tab for further details!

      As we said, the most versatile serum.

      • Hyaluronic Acid - Known to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water (google it). This substance has incredible benefits of moisturising your skin and leaving it supple.
      • Kakadu Plum - Rich in Vitamins C and Vitamin E giving you naturally radiant skin and fighting sun spots and blemishes.
      • Aloe Vera - Locks in moisture and reduces inflammation including puffiness of skin and bags under eyes.
      • Quandong Fruit Stimulates collagen production to plump up and firm the skin including softening of fine lines.
      • Iris Florentina - Known to reduce depth of wrinkles and increase skins elasticity.
      • Calendula Extract - Brightening and reversing aging of skin including reducing appearance of scars.
      • Green Tea - Antioxidant properties and helps to reduce sebum secretion which causes acne.
      • Active ingredients penetrate better when skin is clean, so it's best applied after cleansing.
      • Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face and then spread lightly using finger tips.
      • Use short and light strokes to spread your face serum. Do not stretch, pull or rub your skin.
      • Tap the surface of your skin with your finger tips lightly. The tapping action encourages the serum to sink into the deeper layers of the skin and reach the dermis. (Applying serum after using "MAKE ME GLOW" Derma Roller helps to increase the absorption and benefits of the serum)
      • A tingling sensation is normal and is a sign of the active ingredients absorbed by the dermis.
      • Other tips: This serum can be applied as a primer for foundation and helps to create a base for foundation.
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Your secret formula to youthful skin

Turn back the time and restore your skin to it looking its best!.

Product Specifics

  • Made in Australia.
  • 93% Certified Organic Ingredients.
  • 100% Vegan Friendly.
  • Not tested on animals i.e. Cruelty Free