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How-to-use & FAQs

Manual & Automatic Modes

Press the Middle button to use the device on manual mode. Please note due to the safety detection tech the device will only flash when contact is made. If you hold in the middle button it will switch to auto mode and then you can glide the device along your body to help speed up the process (perfect for larger areas such as your legs).

You will see the 'M' lit up when on manual mode and the 'A' lit up when on automatic mode.


Change Intensity Levels 

Press the Side button to toggle between intensity levels. You should be able to see the display light up from 1 to 5 depending on the intensity. 

It is recommended to always begin at the lower intensity levels and work your way up.

Ice-Cooling Function

Press Both buttons together to turn ON the Ice-Cooling mode which will help to ensure a pain-free experience.

You will see the light turn on and the head will get cold. 

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